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Assessments are part of the process

There are thousands of applicants per open job position and the companies are using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS – also sometimes called applicant screening systems that are designed to screen out applicants) and assessment tools for producing a shortlist (the list of people that get called for an interview). Learn to enhance your chances of success here.


This assessment is most common assessment used by companies during the application process.

Skills assessed in this manner are to qualify the applicant, rank them accordingly, and determine who it is that makes it to the shortlist of applicants called for an interview. There is very little preparation for this assessment since it measures your abilities, knowledge, capabilities, and current skill levels.


This is another way in which companies rank order their applicants, and decide which applicant makes the shortlist. It is often found at the bottom of the online job application.


Who you are and what makes you tick is of interest to companies as they go through hundreds, perhaps thousands of application packets choosing the ones that make it to the shortlist.


Companies have additional measures to qualify or disqualify applicants. If not careful, you could end up disqualifying yourself.

PAY ATTENTION TO THE BOTTOM OF THE JOB DESCRIPTION…IT MAY CONTAIN SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR APPLYING FOR THAT JOB POSITION. If you fail to follow these directions, you may just have disqualified yourself from being an applicant.