Dr.Scott’s Book

Your COMPLETE Guide to SUCCEEDING with LinkedIn

Trying to understand LinkedIn? Want a step-by-step guide to establishing yourself as a professional in this powerful environment? YOU FOUND IT! Follow the 85 steps in this guide, and you will be in the top 5% of profiles to be found on LinkedIn.

AnnaMaria Bliven’s Book

Work at Home with a Real Online Job

Since 2002, AnnaMaria Bliven has worked real jobs online as a Mystery Shopper, Writer, Editor, College Teacher, Tutor, Customer Service Rep, Corporate Travel Consultant, and Faculty Evaluator. See the hundreds of companies with thousands of online real jobs for full-time, part-time, flextime employment. See the ANYTIME mini-jobs and other ways to supplement your income. Be sure to see the specialty chapters for military veterans, teens, college students, and more.