business and interpersonal communication is key to career success

Can you hear me, now?

Synergistic actionable outcomes can only take place with the proper communication between parties. It takes understanding and being understood for a conversation to convert to action.

For example, a job interview is a conversation you want to convert to the action of being a job offer, correct? Well, that means there needs to be a communication that takes place between the parties that facilitates understanding and being understood.

The communication in a job interview is a 2-way street proposition: you are interviewing them at the same time they are interviewing you. This means you need to be prepared with the knowledge of them and this means doing your homework prior to meeting with them.

Remember, they see potential in you working with them, can you see the potential in you joining them? To know for sure, you need to know their mission, history, and what it is they are doing presently for their clients. With knowing this, now you have something to talk about.

“… Articulate how well you fit with the company: your skills match the job level of complication, your scope of expertise fits with their need, and your personality complements their current team.

be bold


“… Ask questions about what they have planned for future services or products. Companies want to know that you are interested in them, what they have been doing, what they are presently doing and how they want to grow. Then you state how you fit with the future of the company.


“… Complete the conversation…the last thing you say is positive, upbeat, and futuristic..”

can you see yourself working for them?