stand out from your competition

Are you culturally compatible with the company?

Know the mission and history of the company

The mission, goals, history and other pertinent information is paramount to you writing your cover letter to stand out from your competition. This information is commonly found in the “About” section of the company website. Sometimes you need to do more digging for this information if the company does not have a page with this info. You might need to find it on their Facebook or LinkedIn page.

State how you fit with the company culture

Your personality and characteristics are equally valued with your skills, abilities and knowledge. It is not what you can do, who you know that gets you the job — it is WHO YOU ARE — that gets you the interview.

Are you the ONE?

The job of the hiring official is to find the ONE candidate that best fits with the job role of the open job position. When writing a cover letter that makes you better than your competition, you need to state verified evidence your are the person that is best qualified and best suited.

This is NOT about you, this is about the company and how you fit.

Your competition is making their cover letter all about themselves. By making the cover letter all about the company and how you fit with the company makes your cover letter not only different, but super attractive to the company’s hiring official.