I am honored and excited to share my FIRST Published Book on Amazon:

Your COMPLETE Guide to SUCCEEDING with LinkedIn:

The ULTIMATE Checklist of 85 STEPS With Tips to Follow for Establishing Your Presence, Being Noticed, Getting Found, and Successfully HIRED!

Trying to understand LinkedIn? Want a step-by-step guide to establishing yourself as a professional in this powerful environment? YOU FOUND IT! Follow the 85 steps in this guide, and you will be in the top 5% of profiles to be found on LinkedIn. This means you will get found, understand how to use this tool, be able to find others, and make this powerful networking tool work for you.

New users can start with step 1 – you are even told what you need to click. Those already having a basic profile are encouraged to read the first few steps, but you can then quickly jump to step 19 to boost your profile. Just like paint-by-numbers, you are taken on a journey that gets you to a premium profile with an understanding of how to best use LinkedIn to reach YOUR goals.

Also directly available at https://tinyurl.com/LinkedInSuccessGuide

To YOUR Success!’


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