The ABC’s to success

You know that a quality LinkedIn presence is crucial in creating a positive first impression as well as leaving a lasting impactful image, and being found for those seeking somebody with your skills and talents. The following step-by-step guide is structured to walk you through the setup to effectively use this incredibly powerful tool. Follow these ABCs and you WILL SUCCEED in making LinkedIn work for YOU!

Topics include:

  1. Basic Background as to THE WHY you want to use this powerful tool (Intro).
  2. LinkedIn by the Numbers (LinkedIn Statistics).
  3. Creating your account from scratch, THE HOW (1-18).
  4. Tips for BUILDING & BOOSTING YOUR PROFILE to firmly establish your online presence (19-23).
  5. Enhancing the depth of your profile to increase search-ability and getting found (24-36).
  6. Understanding and using the security and privacy setting available within LinkedIn (37-46).
  7. Conducting YOUR searches. Learn how to take advantage of the built-in power available for finding people and resources allowing you to build your network and enhance your effectiveness using this powerful tool. Streamline your process in finding contacts, companies, groups, jobs, vendors, and customers (47-64).
  8. Specific proactive ACTIONS TO TAKE that keep YOU top-of-mind and FOUND in searches (65-85).
  9. Spring boarding YOUR SUCCESS (Conclusion)!

Further details can be found in the book below: