Knowing the information and resources that will help you beat the competition to your job or internship will help you land the job and build your career.

MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses

MOOCs, also known as Massive Open Online Courses are available from institutions such as Harvard, Wharton, and Stanford at little or no cost. Even organizations such as Microsoft, IBM, and PWC sponsor opportunities. How would YOU like to have Harvard on YOUR resume or LinkedIn profile?

Tips & Tricks: Tools

There are many tips, tricks, and techniques for applying for the job or internship you want. You can successfully get the attention of the hiring professional, get the interview, and get the job or internship. See and do these tips.

Communication (at the interview)

The giving and receiving of messages is key to getting, keeping, and advancing in a job, internship, and build your career. Learn how to use and leverage messaging that gets you the job or internship you want that helps build you a life-time career you love.

Emotional Intelligence

Soft skills are key to success. How well do you work in groups? How aware are you of your coworkers and their needs or concerns? You NEED to build your awareness to succeed and grow in your career!

Negotiation Skills/Conflict Negotiation

Do your due diligence to communicate with the spirit of cooperation to have a win-win solution in any and all circumstances. See how to do this.

Soft Skills

Business communication, reliability/dependability, networking, time management, conflict negotiation, stress management, career management, etc. are yours for the learning and growing.


Employers want employees that have a variety of skills, especially those soft skills that are so hard to get. Join Toastmasters to enhance your communication and leadership skills while providing you the opportunity to gain networking skills and experience.


The best way to learn and grow in your career is to build a network of mentors, fellow colleagues, and others for you to know about the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in your career industry.

Resume/LinkedIn Profile

Key to your success is a clear “story” of your background and accomplishments. See resources elsewhere on this site to help you put your best foot forward. Make sure to PROOFREAD all documents before releasing for pubic consumption. Better yet, recruit help to catch errors before your potential employers do!


Key to your success is putting your best foot forward when interviewing. The following is a list of 125 questions WITH potential answers that might help you build your credibility and get hired

Cover Letters

Are you culturally compatible with the company you want to work for? Do you want to have your cover letter stand up above your competition? Learn how to do this.

Follow Up

Did you know that less than 10% of folks that interview send any type of thank you note? Communications after the interview help you stand out!


There are many companies using several different kinds of assessments as qualifiers/dis-qualifiers when building a shortlist for calling job/internship candidates.

Continuing Education

We live in an age of Lifelong Learning and Continuous Improvement. Not only will enhancing your education through additional courses and certifications help keep you current, they will help keep you employed and employable.

Personal Finance

Managing your finances and “paying yourself first” makes a difference. Key is starting EARLY. If you started at age 25 and set aside $300 a month and STOPPED at age 35, you would have more monies at 65 then if you STARTED at age 35 with the same contribution until you were 65.