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LinkedIn from A to Zed! Want to have a top 5% LinkedIn profile! Follow the step-by-step tips to establish your LinkedIn presence, be noticed, get found and ultimately successfully HIRED!

Working at home has perks such as freedom and flexibility. Learn the tips, tricks, and techniques for getting, keeping, and advancing in online employment you work at home.

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Mapping your career for Remote Employees

It is possible to convert an online job into a career. There are five things you must do:

  1. Be aware of the job title, position and description of the next highest level.
  2. Research the training and education requirements for being a candidate for this next highest job position.
  3. Calculate the cost in dollars and time it takes to enroll in this training and/or education needed to meet the requirements.
  4. Converse with your supervisor your intent on meeting the requirements for the next job position.
  5. Make a timeline for completing this training and complete it.

After completing the training and/or education, you are now meeting the requirements needed for the next level job position. Now, keep looking for when this job position is vacant and apply for it.

One more thing: Take this intention as an incentive to increase your skills. For example, if your current position only requires you to type 45 words per minute, but the next highest level requires you to type 90 words per minute, take it upon yourself to take typing lessons (they are free online) and practice typing tests (they too are free online) and increase your typing skill. So, not only would you have the additional training and/or education, but you would have increased your skill too and be more qualified to step into the next level job position!

Veterans Advantage

Military veterans are trained, skilled, and disciplined; the best kind of employee. However, for most military veterans, it is challenging to convert military training into a civilian employment position. It is easy to convert this training nor is it easy to communicate with a non-military veteran the extent to which your training is comparable with that of a counterpart who did not serve in the military. Despite this challenge, see it more as an opportunity. There are hundreds of companies that are seeking to hire military veterans. You just need to find them. Prosperity Pathways knows who these companies are and will lead you to them. Contact Prosperity Pathways for an appointment today.